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What Makes Our Board Special

Words from the Board:

"I’ve worked in human services positions for 35 years in Shenandoah County primarily in the development and implementation of new grant-funded programs that enhance early learning and family involvement. I also served on the board of a local child Care center board for 15 years. As mom of four, and 'Nan' to one grandchild, I understand the challenges of balancing children and work. Having a child care center in New Market has been a dream of mine for many years. I'm excited to see what this community to do together to show others how much we care!"

-Yvonne Frazier

"I grew up in Shenandoah County and taught preschool in my home for eight years. I taught Special Education in Shenandoah County Public Schools for 17 years. I hope to bring some of what I've learned from those experiences to help make this center special. In retirement, I love spending time with my grandchildren and adult children. I'm excited to be a part of something New Market has needed for a long time- Community Care and Learning Center is going to benefit lots of families, AND our town."

-Debbie Davis

" As both an apartment complex manager and a grandparent with two grandchildren in my home, I see firsthand how hard it is for working parents to find, and afford, child care. Parents need to know their children are safe and cared for if they are going to be able to be focused and dependable at their jobs. Community Care and Learning Center will give parents' piece of mind, and give children a wonderful place to learn and grow in really great ways. I wish New Market had something like this when we were desperately looking for child care."

-Pam Napier-Uhl

"I'm passionate about community development and partnering with underserved communities. I see daily the need for more affordable childcare and the positive impact the opportunity of childcare has on families. Affordable child care is of the utmost importance for investing in our next generation, therefore I desire to be part of creating more opportunities for affordable childcare. At the Community Care and Learning Center, we are able to invest in families knowing we are making a positive difference in the lives of Shenandoah Valley families."


-Kristin Derflinger

"I see people every day who need child care to be able to work and support their families. Affordable quality child care will draw new employees, employers, and residents to our town. I’ve been involved in start-up of a successful intergenerational program in the past. I hope to bring my experience in business operations and management to this board for success and sustainability of the project."

-Tony Cooper

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